Monday, October 17, 2011

Weblogic : WLST CMO object (Current Management Object)


In previous blog if you have noticed that I have used cmo.setConsoleEnabled(true) in WLST offline mode.

What is cmo ?

cmo is WLST inbuilt variable which stands for Current Management Object. We can use cmo to point to current MBean instance. cmo value changes when we navigate to different hierarchy of MBeans under Weblogic MBean Tree except JNDI Tree.

Once we are connected to WLST , we can use cmo for various operation like get , set , invoke on management object.

Example :-

wls:/mydomain/edit> cmo.setAdministrationPort(7001)

This variable is available in all hierarchy except custom and jndi.

CMO value is current WLST Path. Each time we change directory WLST change path.


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  1. how to get database information from currently connected domain and connect to db and run sql file through WLST console+