Monday, October 31, 2011

ADF : Clean your drs , mds folder using Script

In day to day ADF development we run in to various issue and one of the issue is sometime taskflow fragment do no show latest changes  when you run the application from jdeveloper. so you stop the embedded  weblogic server in Jdeveloper and delete the deployed application folder from DRS and MDS directory in jdeveloper.

Locate weblogic by looking in to jdeveloper running integrated weblogic.


Based on above path , my drs  and o.mds.dt is located in below folder path.



Delete specific project or all project based on your need from above folder and run your application again and you can see your latest changes in taskflow , so issue is resolved.

Write Script to perform cleaning job

You will face this issue regularly , so why don’t you write script that will perform the above deletion.

1. open your notepad and copy paste below content.

rd. /S /Q .
rd. /S /Q .
ECHO "All Project deleted from drs,mds folder"

Replace YOUR_DRS_DIRECTORY and YOUR_MDS_DIRECTORY with your corresponding directory and try this script with only /S option that will actually prompt you before deletion.

2.Save this file as “MyJdevClean.bat” and run this script whenever you want to clean your drs,mds folder.

Integrate script to Jdeveloper How about integrating this script to jdeveloper,so you can run from there instead of any drive . Go to below menu and click yes.


You will get this dialog


Click new and give the path of your bat file. after you are finished , you will see the bat file in your jdeveloper.


You can follow same approach to create your own little world toolbar for your day to day need.

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