Monday, May 2, 2016

SOA Implementation Approach

There are three SOA Implementation Approach.


  • Top-Down is Business-centric Approach
  • Bottom-up is Technical-centric Approach
  • Middle-out is Merges top-down and bottom-up approaches.


You company will have SOA Governance which would guide you in selecting above approach.

Oracle Super Cluster

Oracle Super Cluster is best of breed engineering system from Oracle.

It constitute of following components.

  • SPARC Servers
  • Exadata Storage Server and ZFS Storage – Flash Storage
  • Low Latency Network Fabric
  • Management Software


There are two super cluster provided by Oracle – T5-8 and M6-32

Oracle Engineered Systems

  1. Big Data Appliance
  2. Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  3. Virtual Compute Appliance
  4. Exalytics
  5. Database Appliance
  6. Super Cluster
  7. ExaData
  8. Backup Logging and Recovery Appliance

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Webcenter Content Administrator Applet Utlity

Webcenter Content Applet utility comes with various component as below. You need to be System Admin

to perform this duties.


Web Layout Editor – Modifying Folder Hierarchy , Customize page.

User Admin – User , Group , Roles , Account , Security

Respository Manager -  Managing Subscription , INdexing

Archiver – Export Import using this tool.

Workflow Admin – Managing Work flow

Configuration Manager -  Congiruation of server , Rules , Profile

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Webcenter Content Two Menu Types


Webcenter can be customezed in two ways

- User Interface

- Functionality

Webcenter Content comes with two menu types.

- Trays

- Top Menu (Don’t use Iframe , So Action is visible on URL i.e. IdcService=GET_DOC_PAGE)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

ADF : GoLink & commandLink

Today I had interesting requirement about a hyperlink doing so many things at the same time.

-When you hover , it should show menu

-When you click , it should set some param in request scope , call java method and open hyperlink window in Internet Explorer

That sounds easy and I was able to achieve everything with commandLink except one : opening child window on top of parent window.

I was calling actionlistener method to write java code which has javascript call from managed bean which will ultimately call and open the window.

However , opened the window and minimized it.

To solve this issue I had to take alternate route practically detour.

I wrote goLink which used following stuff inside.

golink (clientlistener , serverlistener , clientattribute )

ClientListener – calling javascript

ServerListener – Calling managed Bean method

clientattribute – setting param to access in managed bean

Golink – to open hyperlink in new window that will not hide