Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weblogic : Lock your Weblogic Configuration using Change Center


If you are sharing same development weblogic instance with multiple developer then it is best in interest of team to use locking feature provided by weblogic server Change Center, so only one developer can make changes at a time to weblogic configuration.

If you login to weblogic console you will see following Change Center above Domain Structure of your weblogic.


Change Center not Visible

If it is not visible then please to go

Home > Domain_Name > Preferences


Click User Preferences

Uncheck – Automatically Acquire Lock and Activate Changes

Note:- This feature is not available in Production Mode to disable Change Center.


If unchecking this option you will see Change Center with multiple button.

Lock & Edit

If you decide to do some operation on console like create Data Source etc. then first click Lock & Edit and make the changes and then click button below Lock & Edit which will be usually “Activate Changes” or “Release Configuration”

Apply Changes

After you click button to apply the changes then configuration changes are distributed to each of the servers. if changes are accepted by each servers , then they take effect. if any server cannot accept change ,then all changes are rollback from all the server in domain.

The  changes are left in pending state; you can then either edit pending changes to resolved issue or revert previous configuration.

You can explore other options available in Preferences.

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