Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weblogic :- Switch between Sun JDK and JRockit


When we configure weblogic server , it ask to select development or production mode with Sun or JRocket JDK which are now both owned by Oracle.


Sun JDK :- It clearly says that Sun JDK on Development is better for startup and performance during iterative development.

JRocket JDK :- It do not poll for application to deploy and it is recommended for better runtime performance and management.

We should choose Sun JDK for development mode and JRocket JDK for Production Mode.

Let us say if we have Sun JDK in production mode and if we want to switch to JRocket then perform the following steps.

Go to FMW_HOME\user_projects\domains\domainname\bin

Open setDomainEnv.cmd or sh based on your environment.

There is variable called JAVA_VENDOR

set JAVA_VENDOR = Oracle (Will set JRocket)

set JAVA_VENDOR = sun (will set SUN JDK)



Here I have both BEA_JAVA_HOME and SUN_JAVA_HOME pointing to corresponding JDK.

If we set JAVA_VENDOR=”Oracle” before executing startWeblogic.cmd then BEA_JAVA_HOME will be chosen.

if we set JAVA_VENDOR=”Sun” then SUN_JAVA_HOME will be chosen else JAVA_VENDOR is default set to “Sun” as you can see.

Conclusion :-

so you can set JAVA_VENDOR in setDomainEnv.cmd or sh before above logic or you can do it externally




set JAVA_VENDOR=”Oracle”


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