Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weblogic : Change context path of Weblogic Console for Dev , QA , Production

Let us say if you have same physical machine and all weblogic server in your company Dev , QA , Production is located on same physical machine.
Then you will access all three console using following url

URL : DEV_PORT / Console
URL : QA_PORT / Console
URL : PROD_PORT / Console

In this *_PORT will be different for each server, but rest of the URL will be same.

Can we change “Console” context to give better differentiation apart from PORT ?
So final accessible url will be.

URL : DEV_PORT / DevConsole
URL : QA_PORT / QAConsole
URL : PROD_PORT / ProdConsole

To achieve
- Click Base_Domain or what ever domain you have.


Go to General on right side and click advanced below and change
Console Context Path to DevConsole.


Click Save , it is asking me to restart server.


Now access your console using
URL : PORT / DevConsole



  1. Nice!
    Alternatively you can change the context root on web.xml of your EAR.

  2. I think you accidentally state so that is not accurate.
    URL consist of ptotocol,IP,port,path-to-resource.
    So it would be better to rephraze
    "In this *_PORT will be different for each server, but the rest of the URL will be same"
    Remove this comment if you like (I wanted to send you a mail but you do not have it listed in your profile:( )