Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weblogic : Installation of weblogic using three different way


There are various way of installing weblogic server.

- GUI Mode

- Console Mode

- Silence Mode

1. GUI Mode

Double click the EXE file that you downloaded from oracle website.

It will come up with this screen which you can click next to provide JDK , Middleware home and finally configure weblogic server.


2. Console Mode

wls1034_win32.exe -mode=console –log=filepath

It is like installing using window command window or unix command shell.

3.Silent Mode

It is one time configuration which can be used to install weblogic on multiple machine. We need to create silent.xml file and provide all necessary information for installation including JAVA_HOME , MW_HOME etc.

wls1034_win32.exe –mode=silent –silent_xml=pathofslientfile


For further information please refer to Documentation

Since I have weblogic suite installed which contains Coherence , Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse with Oracle JRocket . I have following directory structure inside Middleware Home.


Middleware Home (MW_HOME)                                    C:/…../Middleware1035

Weblogic Server home (WL_HOME)    C:/……../Middleware1035/wlserver_10.3

Node Manager Directory                  WL_HOME/server/bin/startNodeManager

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