Thursday, February 27, 2014

JDEV Error :- IconOverlayTracker$NodeWatcher:802


Due to this wonderful blog here , I was able to know that SVN Tortoise got upgraded and fix the issue.

However , When I open the project It threw following exception and I was unable to use Jdeveloper at all.

[IllegalStateException in o.i.explorer.IconOverLayTracker$NodeWatcher:802]

After few hours of trying so many things in jdeveloper , I found the solution that

I need to uncheck couple of option in Tools –> Preferences –> Versioning –> General to remove

some pain , But still I want to know the root cause of error and why I need to uncheck it.

1. Use Navigator State Overly Icons - Uncheck

2. Use Navigator State Overly Labels – Uncheck


This however solved my issue , But please comment if you have time to fix the root cause of problem.

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