Thursday, February 27, 2014

ADF : GoLink & commandLink

Today I had interesting requirement about a hyperlink doing so many things at the same time.

-When you hover , it should show menu

-When you click , it should set some param in request scope , call java method and open hyperlink window in Internet Explorer

That sounds easy and I was able to achieve everything with commandLink except one : opening child window on top of parent window.

I was calling actionlistener method to write java code which has javascript call from managed bean which will ultimately call and open the window.

However , opened the window and minimized it.

To solve this issue I had to take alternate route practically detour.

I wrote goLink which used following stuff inside.

golink (clientlistener , serverlistener , clientattribute )

ClientListener – calling javascript

ServerListener – Calling managed Bean method

clientattribute – setting param to access in managed bean

Golink – to open hyperlink in new window that will not hide

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