Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jdeveloper–Create EAR project based on multiple ADF Lib Jar.


As we have noticed in previous blog to create one main project and two project that will act as dependent project for main project using adf library.

Now we will have to create EAR file for main project to deploy on applicaton server.

Click Application –> Application properties and go to Deployment.

We will see that jdeveloper has already provided us EAR file for main application.


We can create new EAR or change the properties for existing ear. I would prefer new ear to not hurt jdeveloper default ear for future reference.

For this blog let us click edit on jdeveloper default EAR to look at the various properties.


Frankly speaking by default jdeveloper has provided most of option for ear.

However we can make compression on to reduce the size of generated ear and then we will see what is inside ear.

After deploying to ear , click the ear file.


Jdeveloper has directory exploding feature so no need of any other tool.


click the war file which will contain the two dependent child jar file.


Now we can use this EAR to manually deploy it on weblogic server or use jdeveloper deploy facility using

Application –> deploy


Click next by selecting app server on which we want to deploy application and select stand alone.


We can deploy on single sever or multiple server.


Also , we have not included the manifest and compressed the ear file.

Click Finish.


It will deploy this file on weblogic server.

Verify the deployment

We will notice that it is deployed on weblogic as enterprise application.

Also we can see the context by expanding the + sign.


Test the Page

Click the context ,it will take to weblogic below page , click testing here.


Expand the context name to get the url.

For me it was showing till here ,so I added /faces/mypagename.jspx to test the page.


Test page.


It works !!!!

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