Monday, April 18, 2011

ADF BC : Property Sets in Business Component


As we know that we use ADF BC Control hints to set the properties like title , tooltips for attribute.

However ,if we have same attribute used in every business component wouldn’t it be better if we create property set for that attribute.

Advantage :-

If we set control hints for attribute then


It modifies two files with following property.

BC.xml file will contain property tag that will reference the property in file.

image file contain following values.


So actually there are lot of entries created for just two properties file.

Let’s assume you have same property in some 500 view object ,so you end up with 1000 entries for it.

Reading from text file will have performance issue and hashmap will take lot of heap size of JVM too.

Property Set

Let us create a property set for this and let example give the advantage in it.


name property set as SalarSet.

Add two properties as below.


Look at the source. Here property set is referring to resource bundle , but it will be one time reference.


Got to BC object and set the property set for following attribute.


We can set the property set for all salary field in all objects in our project.

Best idea will be to create property set in common project ,so it can be used as library every where.

If you look at source again for attribute then we will have domain reference


Remember to delete property reference after having this domain.

Enjoy Reusability !!!

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