Friday, March 4, 2011

Installing Webcenter PS3 with ECM UCM


Oracle XE Database

Install Oracle XE

Before installing RCU for webcenter and UCM/ECM make sure you have following server parameter set.


RCU for Webcenter and UCM

Run RCU on Oracle XE and Create Schema for WebCenter and UCM


64 bit JDK for 64 Bit Installation

I have 64 bit Window OS ,so I am planning to have weblogic , jdev 64 installation.

So I installed Java SE Development JDK update 24 for window 64 bit.

First verify the java version on window command line as below.


Install Jdeveloper PS3

Install jdeveloper and when it asks for JDK path please choose the path for 64 bit jdk.

Installing Weblogic

Go to weblogic directory and run the following command.

java –jar wls1034_generic.jar

It will open the installer for weblogic installation and you just have to follow next step until it ask for JDK location where you can give you 64 bit jdk location

So we have Oracle XE , Jdeveloper , RCU for Webcenter , UCM and Weblogic server installed successfully.

If you feeling boring about installation you can start playing with Oracle ADF which is awesome in 11.4 before you start installing rest of webcenter and ucm.

Installation of Webcenter

Go to following directory of extracted webcenter.

Since we are installing on 64bit JDK and 64 Bit OS go to following directory


it will ask for the JDK path ,please provide 64 bit path.

Let the home be Oracle_WC1 for webcenter inside Oracle\Middleware


It is easy installation steps and after installation you will see following component installed.

Webcenter Spaces
Webcenter Framework
Webcenter portlets
Webcenter Wiki and Blog Server
Oracle Discussion Server
Oracle Enterprise Manager

Moreover , Oracle_WC1 and oracle_common folder is created.

Configure Oracle Webcenter



Create new weblogic domain and select the following for webcenter


I configured following component


Installing the ECM

This is pretty easy five step to install ,but remember to give 64 bit jdk path .

Middleware/Oracle_ECM1 folder is created after installation.

Configuring ECM

Go to Middleware\Oracle_ECM1\common\bin\config.cmd

Please remember to select extend the weblogic server domain and then select only “Content Management”

This is disabled because I forget to take screen shot before.


Then select UCM Schema in next step.


Please restart your machine because initially when I tried to start UCM and open the URL it was giving 404 exception.

Start Managed UCM server

We are starting manually because we have not configured node manager for UCM which I will do it later on and update the document.

startManagedWeblogic –UCM_server1 http://hostname:portname

This will start the UCM_server1


use weblogic console password to login to cs.

first time it will bring configuration screen , so click the submit button without changing any setting

when you login first time , you will see this error.


  • The weblayout directory is on a filesystem with 8dot3 semantics. Legacy 16-bit 8dot3 filenames conflict with revision labels and will cause file loss. Disable 8dot3 semantics by running "Installer DisableNtfs8dot3" and then restarting Windows.


To get rid of this error you need to update registry key in window registry.

To change the Windows registry, go to the following key:


Then, set the value of the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation key to 1.

You must restart Windows for the new setting to take effect.

Right this key and set it to 1.


Restart windows.

Login again to ECM and you will not see weblayout error any more.


Missing Contribution Folder

If you have worked with previous version of content server you would have used “Contribution Folder”. However we don’t see it here.


To see “Contribution Folder” you need to do following setting

Login to content server using weblogic em userid/password


Click “Admin Server” which will open consequence admin server page.

Click “Component Manager” and scroll to folder section.


Click “folder_g” checkbox to true and update at the end of page



Restart the UCM_server1 and log back in to content server.


Now you can see “Contribution Folder”

Connect to ECM from Jdeveloper



Start Webcenter Spaces

startManagedWeblogic WC_Spaces http://hostname:post

you will notice one error


go to Database navigator in jdeveloper

Create new db connection “DEV_MDS” and open package and compile MDS_INTERNAL_SHREDDED.


to resolve this error open jdeveloper and compile the package and restart the server.

Login to UCM and Webcenter Spaces

Start AdminServer

Start UCM_server1

Start WC_Spaces



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