Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Customizing Jdeveloper to your need


First thing need to be done before any ADF or any other project is to define the project structure , file naming convention , package structure , common business component suffix etc.

Jdeveloper has very nice way of doing all this using Tool –> Prefrences

1.Override the ADF BC impl file.

Most common practive I have seen in last five year of application development using OAF , ADF is to have ViewImpl and EntityImpl , AppmoduleImpl extension for generic requirement.


This is place in jdeveloper where we can specify that files.

2.Class naming

This is good naming convention given by oracle for default ,so I am not interested in changing this.

3.Creating new history type

By default when we create Entity Object we can five history type for each attribute in jdeveloper. If we want to create any business specific history type that applies to all entity object , here is the place to go.



4.Object Naming

I like this feature very much as it simplifies object naming throughout our application.

So when we create ADF BC component it will suffix following characters to the business component name to differentiate between different object type.



This is also very nice feature which will place the ADF BC files automatically in corresponding package after doing this setting.



This is nice feature to check what extension is currently installed on your jdeveloper i.e. good during working with webcenter.


7.Code Templates

This feature reduce the typing while writing stuff in managed bean or jsf file.

Example :- I have use sop feature too much , so when I write sop and press ctrl enter it write System.out.println.

This is based on following setting


So we can have our own custom template for other stuff here.

Here is SQL Editor code template


8.CSS Editor

For style sheet person ,this is great feature for selecting CSS style sheet.

one can specify custom too.



You might have noticed while create ear that it save the file in deploy folder inside application. If we want some other folder , here is place to set.


10.File Type

When we open jsff or jspx file in jdeveloper ,it open it in design view by default and it take some time to open since it renders the GUI.

To save some time you can set the GUI file to open in source view.


11.Short Cut Keys

If we want to define short cut keys for our jdeveloper related daily task then this is way to go.


There are many other feature in preference ,however described one is used mostly in most of development places by developer for ease of work.

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