Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jdeveloper : ADF Pagination for Simple Table

Oracle has introduced Pagination feature in Jdeveloper and It is very exciting news for many customer ,so they can have a choice between scrolling or page based options.

Thanks to Frank for posting with extra details here

To make pagination work with table component of ADF following property need to be populated.

  • authoHeightRow property need to be set to 0 (Try to remote this property ,It will not work)
  • Surrounding container provides floating layout and does not stretch (using PanelGroupLayout)
  • Table can be in shape by using styleClass=”AFStretchWidth”


scrollPolicy=”page” autoHeightRow=”0” and styleClass=”AFStretchWidth”

Table GUI


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  1. Gud one......Nice but by changing the autoHeightRows property to anything else like 5 ,it works fine in jDeveloper 12c.