Sunday, November 4, 2012

SetCurrentRowWithKey and SetCurrentRowWithValue

ADF Table component handle the selection of row automatically ,However in some cases  you may need dynamic row setting mechanism there comes above operations provided by framework SetCurrentRowWithKey and SetCurrentRowWithValue.

Both operation require parameter ,But following explanation will differentiate between them.


This operation require rowKey parameter and framework has already provided value in inbuild parameter i.e. #{row.rowKeyStr}.


This operation on other hand require value which can be OrderId for Order table , EmployeeId for employee table and similar primary key for identifying the row.

Example :-  I designed simple table –> detail page each on separate page and I binded Link with Key and two buttons with Value. So when I clicked link it went to particular row pointing to rowKeyStr and when I clicked button seperately it went to each row which was specified in button setting as depicted in below diagram.

Page definition three bindings that is called



Each button was called from User Interface as below.


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