Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Webcenter : Creating Portal Application and Integration with ADF


I will demonstrate how to create web center portal application and consume ADF Task flows based on ADF BC component.

1. Create New WC Portal  Application


2. I am selecting default provided by portal.


3.You will see default portal structure is created with three data control.


Above project structure has following component

- Portal

site navigation , page hierarchies , administration , security , page templates , skins and more.


This folder is specially for static resources.

Run Home.jspx and you will see following default out of box login page.


login as weblogic/weblogic1


On top right corner there is “Administration” link which will take you to runtime webcenter navigation customization , create page and much more.


In next few blogs we will create our own portal components and new ADF Project to integrate it to portal project.

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