Sunday, June 5, 2011

UCM : Connecting to UCM from Jdeveloper 11g


As I already mentioned how to install UCM , Web center , Spaces , Portlets , Collaboration. Let us now connect to UCM from Jdeveloper before utilizing any UCM content in jdeveloper application based on ADF or web center.

1. First step is to start Weblogic Admin Server and then UCM_server1 which is managed server in my machine.After both are started successfully.

2. Now we need to find out server name , port for UCM.

Login to ucm server , in my case it is http:// localhost:16200/cs  , which should bring up this screen.


Expand administration and click “Configuration for machine name”


On right hand side screen expand Server Configuration which will give you information regarding port number and instance name.


You can look at other useful information on this screen.

You can also get same information from weblogic server too. Login to weblogic EM and go to below path and click configuration.


Here you will notice that I have given ip address filter pattern as *.*.*.* , you can configure as per your network need.

Also, Intra doc server port is 7777 which will be useful during socket connection to UCM from jdeveloper.


After having port number and server name we can go to jdeveloper to connect to UCM.


I gave connection name and connection type to Oracle Content Server.

Now there are three type of RIDC Socket Type web ,socket and socketssl apart from server name and port that we already have it.

Socket Connection

socket uses a intradoc socket connection to connect to the oracle content server. The client IP address must be added to list of authorized address in oracle content server which I have mentioned in configuration of ucm blog.


Here we go we can see content from UCM in jdeveloper.


Create a jspx page and drag and drop this image as document viewer which is content management service taskflow to see the image in jspx file during runtime.

web Connection

web uses HTTP or HTTPS connection to connect to oracle content server.

RIDC Socket Type : web

URL of the Web Server Plugin : http://localhost:16200/cs/idcplg

(Since I am using UCM 11g)

Admin user name and password.


Now if you expand contribution folder you will see the content.

set as primary connection for document service

If you want to make this as default connection then clicking this will write a configuration to adf-config.xml that identifies this connection as default for document service. if document library taskflow is used without connection information then this connection would be considered.

since there are three type of RIDC socket type web , socket and socketssl , you can use any of them based on your application requirement.

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